Blachford Inc. Launches Polyurethane Line

Since the addition Blachford UK Ltd. (formerly TMAT Ltd.), Blachford Acoustics Group has been promoting our expanded capabilities of making polyurethane floor mats, insulation, headliners and trim. Due to the interest, Blachford UK has been quoting many different projects for the North American Sales team.

Recently, Blachford Acoustics Group had been awarded business by a number of companies and began the process of transitioning part of the polyurethane business from the UK to West Chicago. Construction of the PU line at the 1200 building in West Chicago began in June and, with the help of Ken Kendall (BUK Technical Director), Andrea Gibbs(Blachford Chief Planning Officer) and Patrick Thompson (BUK Sales Director), recently shot its first group of parts.

The line’s testing and prototyping has been worked on by Blachford Inc. employees Bo Brugato, Perry Engstrom, Paul Napolitano, John Sciullo and Jilardo Vigil who recently have spent most of their time at the 1200 plant installing the line and shooting parts to perfect the formulation and provide quality products for all Blachford customers.

There are plans in place to expand the polyurethane line in early 2017 as more programs come aboard at the West Chicago facility.