Blachford UK offers factory, staff and resources in response to national COVID-19 effort

Blachford UK is offering its factory, people and resources to the national effort to fight the killer Coronavirus.

Production at the factory has now ceased. However, appeals from the government to manufacturers to assist with the UK effort has prompted Jason Lippitt, Managing Director of Blachford UK to offer the services of the company’s factory and staff.

He said: “We have a large production facility and a skilled workforce, including engineers, machinists and designers, that can all be utilized to manufacture goods and equipment that are critical to the NHS.

“If there are any companies out there, particularly those making PPE for NHS workers, we have staff and equipment at Blachford and we’d all like to help.”

The company has set up a dedicated email address during the crisis, to ensure that requests for help are answered immediately.

More than 100 people are employed at Blachford UK’s site in Holmewood, Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

Jason added: “The company view is that we are all in this together and our staff want to help wherever they can to help the nation get fit and well and back to business. Blachford is a family and I am immensely proud of every member of staff for their support, not only for the company but the national effort to fight Coronavirus.”

Jason praised the government’s response to a national shutdown, saying: “The national shutdown I believe puts UK manufacturers in a strong position to recover business faster than many other countries. There is no doubt that UK manufacturing will face financial hardship over the coming months but, due to the nation’s collective shutdown, I believe the sector will be in an excellent position in a couple of years.”

Companies who are involved in producing essential supplies during the COVID-19 and would like to talk to Blachford should email [email protected].

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