Optimizing the Filler Dispersion from a Rubber Mixer using a DMA and Optical Methods

In recent years, new techniques for measuring the dispersion of fillers in rubber compounds have grown.  These methods include dynamic mechanical analyzers (DMA) such as the RPA 2000 and the Dispergrader.  There have been many studies to determine how to use these methods for the characterization of uncured compounds.  Both methods have grown in popularity and provide much more detailed information in comparison to the traditional Mooney viscometer.

Recently, there was need to consider the purchase of a new rubber mixer at a rubber manufacturer.  The mixers of today have many options.  The goal of such a purchase is to get the best possible dispersion and distribution of the ingredients from the mixer in a short period of time.

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Rubber World Cover - January 2014 - Optimizing Filler Dispersion