Responsible Care

Responsible Care CEO Declaration of Support

I will endeavour to ensure that my company will implement Responsible Care® through the national chemical associations in those countries where we conduct our business and so take an active part in strengthening the initiative worldwide and supporting the Responsible Care Global Charter. In doing so we commit to:

  • Demonstrate our commitment to sustainable development.
  • Continue to seek improvements, and verify our environmental, health and safety performance and report the results.
  • Enhance the life-cycle oriented management of our products and services through Responsible Care worldwide.
  • Champion and facilitate the extension of Responsible Care throughout the business value chain.
  • Actively support national and global Responsible Care governance processes.
  • Address stakeholder expectations about our activities and our products.
  • Provide appropriate resources to effectively implement Responsible Care.

Through our commitment to Responsible Care my company seeks to improve the quality of life of the global community.

I support the Responsible Care Global Charter which seeks companies to strengthen Responsible Care worldwide working with national chemical associations.  By implementing the Charter, my company will continue to improve its environmental, health and safety performance; advance sustainable development; champion and facilitate the appropriate extension of Responsible Care across the business value chain; and address stakeholder expectations in the continuing development of Responsible Care.

As part of these commitments, my company will work with customers and suppliers to manage its chemical products using a risk-based and life-cycle oriented approach supported by sound scientific information. These commitments include making relevant risk information publicly transparent and cooperating with governments and the public to promote the safe use of chemicals worldwide.

By implementing the Responsible Care Global Charter, my company is playing its part in improving the quality of life of the global community.

John Blachford

Responsible Care© Policy Statement

H.L. Blachford is committed to protecting the environment, to safeguarding the health of its employees, customers, distributors and the general public, and abiding by all of the principles of Responsible Care©.

Our policy is to:

  • Develop, manufacture and sell products that can be made, transported, used and disposed of safely with regard to both people and the environment.
  • Make health, safety and environmental considerations a priority in our planning for all existing and new products and processes.
  • Counsel customers and distributors on the safe use, transportation and disposal of our products.
  • Operate our plants and facilities in a manner that protects the environment and the health and safety of our employees and the public.
  • Insist that our employees work safely at all times and accept personal responsibility for preventing accidents and occupational illness.
  • Provide our employees with adequate training, systems and procedures with regard to the protection of people and the environment.
  • Participate with government and others, such as trade associations, in creating responsible laws, regulations and standards to safeguard the community, workplace and environment.
  • Promote Responsible Care© partnership with our customers, suppliers, distributors, warehouses and contractors.
  • Enter into a continuing dialogue with the community to keep them informed of the risks involved in the handling of chemicals and the steps that we are taking to minimize these risks.
  • Strive to continuously improve all of the above.

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The Responsible Care® Ethic & Principles for Sustainability

We are committed to do the right thing, and be seen to do the right thing.

We dedicate ourselves, our technology and our business practices to sustainability – the betterment of society, the environment and the economy.  The principles of Responsible Care are key to our business success, and compel us to:

  • work for the improvement of people’s lives and the environment, while striving to do no harm;
  • be accountable and responsive to the public, especially our local communities, who have the right to understand the risks and benefits of what we do;
  • take preventative action to protect health and the environment
  • innovate for safer products and processes that conserve resources and provide enhanced value;
  • engage with our business partners to ensure the stewardship and security of our products, services and raw materials throughout their life-cycles;
  • understand and meet expectations for social responsibility;
  • work with all stakeholders for public policy and standards that enhance sustainability, act to advance legal requirements and meet or exceed their letter and spirit;
  • promote awareness of Responsible Care®, and inspire others to commit to these principles.


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