Technology is the cornerstone of Blachford’s approach to the markets we serve.

  • We spend approximately 3% of Sales on R&D to ensure we are meeting the rapidly changing needs of our customers.
  • Significant investments have been made in state-of-the art facilities
    • Blachford Acoustics and Research Laboratory, West Chicago, Illinois
    • Chemical Specialties and Metal Working R&D, Mississauga, Ontario
      • Blachford Chemical Laboratory at Sheraton Park
      • Blachford Royal Windsor Drive Laboratory
    • Blachford UK Ltd. Centre for Excellence, Chesterfield, UK
  • We are vertically integrated so our manufactured cost is low.  We formulate and process from the base chemicals for most of what we sell.
  • Our laboratories are staffed by technical experts who are best-in-class at innovating and solving problems.  Our team is made up of highly qualified Ph.D., M. Sc. And B.Sc. graduates in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Acoustics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering with areas of specialty including Tribology and Tribo-chemistry.
  • Advanced design capabilities
    • CAD
    • Small-batch processing
    • Hand layup
    • Prototype development