Blachford AM Helping Health Care Workers

The 3D printer at Blachford AM in Cambridge, Ontario, is being used to print face shield brackets for health care workers.  Each bracket set costs ~$1.90 and it is estimated that 60 can be made each week.

These brackets are being sent to INKSMITH in Kitchener, who will cut a clear plastic shield and assemble it to the 3D printed brackets.  The completed face shields are sanitized using an ozone system and distributed to hospitals.

INKSMITH has received such support from the 3D printing community that they have hired an additional 100 people to keep up with demand.

Blachford AM is intending to supply these brackets for as long as required.

With the high-demand for these brackets, Blachford is running two separate 3D printers (one at the production facility in Cambridge, the other out of the home of the Director of Operations) in order to ramp up production and make face shield brackets around-the-clock.

As of 6/15/20, we have completed our contribution to this project.  In total, Blachford AM donated 217 “ear savers” and 550 head bands for face shields in the fight against COVID-19.