Blachford Donates $250,000 CAD To Fight Ovarian Cancer

After two of his employees lost their wives to ovarian cancer, John Blachford, CEO of Blachford, was determined to help. Ovarian cancer is an elusive and deadly disease, often only presenting symptoms in its most advanced stages. The company committed a gift of $250,000 CAD ($200,00 USD, £140,000) to the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) Foundation to create the Blachford Company Ovarian Cancer Research Award to help more women survive ovarian cancer.

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Blachford’s CEO and Owner, John Blachford, recently spoke with Tarah Schwartz (she/her) on the Health Matters podcast to discuss the Blachford Company Ovarian Cancer Research Award.

John’s interview starts at the 21:14 mark.

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