Blachford Lithium Grease Pre-Thickener Listed by NSF under HX-1 for Incidental Food Contact

March 11, 2021

NSF has completed the review of Blachford’s Lithium 12 HX-1 grease pre-thickener and has listed the product as ‘HX-1’ under NSF Registration Code 163792.  Products with HX-1 status can be used to make H1 grease suitable for incidental food contact.

LITHIUM 12 HX-1 is a pre-formed thickener/gellant used to manufacture lithium greases with fewer steps, less energy, in significantly less time and with greater accuracy and consistency than the conventional in-situ grease method.  Because the water has already been removed during the manufacture of the pre-thickener, no additional time or energy is required for evaporation during grease making.  The end result is a lower total manufacturing cost.  Also, the significant reduction in heat used allows grease manufacturing with heat sensitive base oils (such as soy, vegetable or ester) and additives that may degrade or hydrolyze during conventional in-situ processing.

LITHIUM 12 HX-1 is the first lithium based pre-formed thickener to be listed under HX-1 by NSF and allows end users an economical grease choice in incidental food contact applications.

Blachford manufactures and supplies numerous grades for grease applications.  Follow the links below for more details on the HX-1 and the other grease pre-thickeners.

Lithium 12 – Hydroxystearate Product Data Sheet