Safety Milestone: Blachford RP Celebrates 10 Years with No Lost Time Accidents

Our North Carolina plant, Blachford RP Corporation, recently had a luncheon to celebrate 10 years (3650 days and counting!) without having a lost time accident. The health and safety of our employees are paramount to the success of our company and we are proud of Blachford RP for this great achievement!  A lost time accident is an incident that has resulted in an employee needing to miss work due to sustaining an injury while working.

Blachford has a strong commitment to health and safety as laid out in our Health and Safety policy found here.

Blachford RP specializes in making large rubber floor mats.  We do our own rubber formulating, mixing, milling, calendaring and molding.  Working closely with our acoustical and thermal manufacturing location, Blachford Inc. in West Chicago, Illinois, our rubber floor mats are designed to provide unmatched acoustical and thermal properties.